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A Highly Targeted Universe of Qualified Prospects
Want prospects who really want your product and services and can afford them? That’s why RSVP works hard with every mailing to ensure you’re reaching affluent households that spend more than the average in many consumer categories.

RSVP starts with the top tier of homes, based on home value, then refines it through a proprietary process to ensure you’re reaching the highest value, owner-occupied homes in your market. New movers and new construction are also added in so your business is introduced to the neighborhood’s newest upscale residents.

Every postcard pack is addressed to the homeowner by name, as consumers are more likely to respond to offers that “speak to them individually” and appeal to their interests.

And, RSVP respects all opt-out preferences, removing “do not mail” requests to make sure you’re reaching prospects who are more likely to respond to your offer.