How is RSVP different from other advertising?
We believe our difference is in two main things that we offer; who we mail to (affluent homeowners) and what we mail (a high-quality, glossy postcard pack). This attractive, appealing package of upscale offers for life and home, delivered to high-income households with money to spend, is a winning combination for creating response for our advertisers.

• Every RSVP home is “hand-picked,” as opposed to other mailers that deliver to every address in a zip code or carrier route (saturation) because of postal discounts.  RSVP provides advertisers the means to get their message in front of the top, owner-occupied homes that spend more on most products/services than the average household.

• Every RSVP postcard pack is addressed by name. We choose to do this over the less costly “Resident” or “Our friends at…” because it creates a more personal connection and perception that “these offers are for ME.”

 • The full-color, glossy postcards appeal to RSVP’s upscale audience and create a positive perception of quality for the business, regardless of their size.

Why do you only mail to affluent homes?

Affluent homeowners are typically high-income earners with discretionary income to spend. These upscale households are responsible for one-half to two-thirds of spending in many consumer categories. For a lot of businesses it’s a more cost-efficient targeting method to market to the one in five homes that make up the mass affluent, rather than the four in five.

Don’t people just throw this in the trash?

One of the factors that tell us direct mail is not “junk” are studies that show half of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail over other media for receiving marketing messages  (Epsilon study, Dec. 2011; USPS Mail Moment, 2012).  In fact, 98 percent of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77 percent sort through it immediately, according to the USPS. People enjoy checking their mailbox, and personally-addressed direct mail is an ideal way for advertisers to leverage this emotional connection.

Some people call direct mail “old school,” but the preference for mail also extends to the 18-34 year old demographic. And, over a quarter of consumers said direct mail is more trustworthy than email.

Direct mail is expensive; how can I afford to do this?

A lot of people ask this because they’re comparing the cost of RSVP to other media. It’s not an “apples to apples” comparison. The best measurement is to calculate your return on investment: for every dollar you spend on advertising, what is your return? The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) reports that overall, non-catalog direct mail yields $15.59 per $1 spent, a much higher ROI than television, newspaper or radio.

RSVP works with thousands of businesses, so we know advertising costs and budget are huge concerns. We work with you to tailor a program that works with your budget and brings in the customers you need to grow your business.

So why is everyone online these days?
Recently the focus of marketing has been with online tools such as email, texting, web and social media. Instead of incorporating a multi-channel mix of on and offline marketing, the focus shifted to the easier option of online.

Direct mail reaches people in ways that online cannot. Where else can you reach the person in charge of managing household decisions? The mailbox is a direct conduit to the home’s decision makers.

When the physical piece lands in the mailbox the recipient touches and looks at the piece, providing ample opportunity for your offer to be viewed. Email can be deleted without ever being opened and search ads may not even be noticed on a cluttered web page. And, direct mail deliverability is high, a huge advantage over email lists that are notorious for undeliverability issues.

That said, it’s still important to use multi-channel marketing. The more ways you reach your prospects the greater your ROI will be. A full campaign should include elements of email, web, social media and direct mail. Consumers today will research online before making a purchasing decision, so include a URL or QR code on your direct mail piece and make it easy for them to learn more about your product or service.  On your website, offer to send them free samples, an invitation to your store/restaurant, or more information, by mail.

How many calls will I get?
Every postcard is unique, from type of business to the offer, so response will also be unique.  A restaurant postcard offering a buy one, get one free dinner will get a different response than one from a remodeler offering a $1,000 discount on a kitchen remodel. The remodeler would be happy to get a few calls and close one job; the restaurant would expect much higher response to their offer.

As we work with you to customize your mailing, we’ll ask key questions about your business and customers, and combine it with our 27+ years of experience to create a postcard that will appeal to RSVP consumers. And, we’ll add RSVP Call Tracking so you’ll know exactly how many calls your postcard generates.

No one is spending money right now, so why should I do this?
While the mass affluent were a sought after demographic when the economy was booming, it’s even more true now as they emerge as an even more desirable audience that is still spending, albeit not at pre-recession levels. As the economy improves, they are tagged as the group that will be the first to begin spending as pent-up demand reaches a tipping point. For many businesses, they are the BEST prospects to promote their products and services to.